Inspired by my own experience with volunteering, I wanted to share with other persons around the globe some aspects of this unique activity and how it can change someone's lifetime in a meaningful and long-lasting manner. Volunteering is a fun, affordable and sometimes challenging tool to help yourself and others. Every culture, every individual has its/his own way of perceiving and approaching volunteering - this course wants to give you clear information on how this activity can be truly inclusive and open to everybody.

Let’s discover volunteering together!

When I watch TV, scroll through the Web or listen to the radio, I feel overwhelmed and powerless due to the storm of disastrous news which seems to take my breath away and leave me speechless and often terrified. You may at times have the same feeling, isn’t it? A few years ago I decided to resist the storm and to look for effective ways how I can encounter difficult situations and learn to create a positive impact for myself and parts of the society. One key player in creating positive social changes is advocacy!

This online course will give you a brief but insightful and comprehensible understanding of the various forms of advocacy and how you can use them, to change your surrounding to the better. It supports you in understanding the various contexts in which advocacy can create positive change. You will get some knowledge about elements you can use to spice up your advocacy efforts to make them successful and appealing to different target groups. You will experience how a few golden rules may facilitate your advocacy campaign. The course does not intend to make you an expert on advocacy, since only personal experience, self-exploration and failure versus success make you a great advocate. Nevertheless this course intends to be the start for you and gives you some advice and illustrative examples on developing your own advocacy campaign, by helping you in structuring yourself, using social media, writing concise policy papers and presenting your main statements in a catchy and inspiring way.

In every day activity and every moment of life, there’s a new commitment. Just move with me through this topic to discover your self-confidence, self-reliance, self-esteem and self-worthiness. How to empower yourself or others in your community.

The course targets adults (above the age of 18 years) who have not experienced empowerment in their life or communities. There are no prior education or degree requirements. Creative thinking will be highly appreciated.

Have you ever felt like the only person on the planet going through a certain difficulty? Have you ever thought you are the only crazy person trying to change the world? If so, peer support is exactly the right approach for you. This course gives you a background on the concept of peer support and how it can benefit you or your community. You’ll learn about types of peer support and effective communication strategies, which will enable you to set up peer support structures for your beneficiaries. But the course also gives you the chance to engage in several forms of online peer support with committed changemakers from all around the world to discuss your challenges and find new inspiration to carry on your work with strength and motivation.

This e-course give you the unique opportunity to get hands on (extremely practical) tips from Yoshimi Horiuchi, a successful changemaker who secured funding for her social cause and is currently running Always Reading Caravan, a social organization with 8 employees and over a thousand beneficiaries annually in Northern Thailand.

In 5 short videos you will learn all Yoshimi's secrets to effective fundraising including: start-up financing, branding, communication, social impact delivery and sustainability. You will also be able to interact with Yoshimi and other successful changemakers to learn more and share your experiences!

Join the course now if you are initiating a social project (or planning to) in need to raise more funds!

"Culture is more often a source of conflict than of synergy. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster." G. Hofstede

Intercultural communication is becoming increasingly important due to the rise of globalization and increasingly multicultural work environments. People in different countries learn different social cues and have different styles of communication. The ability to learn how different cultures communicate is an asset in the modern world.

Many modern organizations operate globally, which means that both executives and employees must learn to communicate with partners, colleagues and employees from other cultures. Organizations must also learn how to communicate with partners and volunteers across cultures, as important messages can be lost in translation, causing confusion and even embarrassment.

This course introduces you to the fundamental principles and issues of intercultural communication. It proposes to develop a perception of and appreciation for different cultural perspectives and values. It can be also the beginning of your journey through the cultures. You are welcome to take your friends, employees, volunteers with you.

The course consists of a number of themes available all the time. You are required to go through the material independently, and complete the given tasks.

There are no in-person teachers or facilitators for this course but you can ask questions on course forum. You can take this course either in a team or on your own.

The Course Developing Content for E-learning consists of eight modules which will introduce you to the concepts of how to engage your students in an online learning environment. It will show you different approaches and techniques to create and design innovative and effective content and online courses. This course has been created to reach those who are brand new to creating content for e-learning and thus no prior experience is required.

We will provide a Statement of Accomplishment for individuals who complete at least 7 out of the 9 assignments.

This course presents a unique opportunity for youth workers and others to gain greater understanding, practical knowledge and skills, to collaborate and interact with persons with disabilities and marginalized individuals using empathy and expanded awareness of their lives and situation. This course has been developed to address sensitization towards persons with disabilities. There are many individuals with different needs and who face many challenges in society. Our learning activities and materials have been carefully designed to enable participants to have a better understanding about the challenges, situations and lives of persons with disabilities.

Through this course, we will guide you to a most important insight that people with disability are just like anyone else, with weaknesses and limitations, and strengths and attributes, just like you and me. The learning materials and practical activities are also designed as tools assisting the participant to have greater understanding of the inner self.