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When I watch TV, scroll through the Web or listen to the radio, I feel overwhelmed and powerless due to the storm of disastrous news which seems to take my breath away and leave me speechless and often terrified. You may at times have the same feeling, isn’t it? A few years ago I decided to resist the storm and to look for effective ways how I can encounter difficult situations and learn to create a positive impact for myself and parts of the society. One key player in creating positive social changes is advocacy!

This online course will give you a brief but insightful and comprehensible understanding of the various forms of advocacy and how you can use them, to change your surrounding to the better. It supports you in understanding the various contexts in which advocacy can create positive change. You will get some knowledge about elements you can use to spice up your advocacy efforts to make them successful and appealing to different target groups. You will experience how a few golden rules may facilitate your advocacy campaign. The course does not intend to make you an expert on advocacy, since only personal experience, self-exploration and failure versus success make you a great advocate. Nevertheless this course intends to be the start for you and gives you some advice and illustrative examples on developing your own advocacy campaign, by helping you in structuring yourself, using social media, writing concise policy papers and presenting your main statements in a catchy and inspiring way.

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